Minimal Invasive Environment-Brain Interface

Environment to Brain Interface

i. Tactile Information Technology

The sense of touch in mammals is encoded by the somatosensory afferent neurons about a variety of stimuli. Recently, methods to reveal the firing pattern of each type of neurons in rodents or primates are investigated. By utilizing the methods the patterns against simple stimuli i.e. pressure, vibration, temperature can be classified. Based on the classes of patterns, we are looking forward to a bottom-up approach to decode complex stimuli in everyday life and a bio-mimicking touch sensor technology to be available eventually.

Ex-vivo rat skin nerve electrophysiology

The study focuses on a firing pattern in rodent hind limbs for understanding the excitation mechanism of sensory receptors when complex stimuli are applied. First, we analyze the relationship between simple stimuli and electrophysiological data. Subsequently, we look for optimal stimulating methods and characterize the firing pattern of each individual mechanoreceptor to construct a database responsible for complex stimuli.

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